iTrade Education

iTrade Education is established for all levels of investors who wish to pursuit further studies on trading. GCG provides extensive amount of in-house training including but not limited to:

- 7+ sessions of extensive training courses that can get pure beginners hands on in just few hours, as well as taking experienced traders to the next level.

- Exclusive 1 to 1 consultation aim to help our traders to establish suitable trading strategies

- Step by step self-study videos are also available on both USB and iTrade members’ website

Our iTrade team has a combined of over 50 years of industry experience. David, who is our head of iTrade has worked as an investment advisor for over 12 years in well-known investment banks such as JPMorgan, CitiBank and etc. Prior to joining GCG, David was the head analyst for Asia Pacific for both KVBKunlun (now part of CITIC Securities) and IronFX Australia. He is also a member of the FPA (Financial Planning of Association Australia), and is extremely favoured by his iTrade members for his humorous yet comprehensive education style.


Strategist Group

Strategist Group has always been the most popular trading society favoured by our local Australian traders. Strategist Group invites renowned industry professionals to engage our passionate traders into one social trading group by providing live market analysis, live trading strategy demonstration, face to face workshop and group discussion through social media platforms.

For 2015, our guest speaker for Strategist Group is specially invited from China CCTV Economy channel – Kevin Guo. Kevin has been speaking on CCTV for many years and is recognised as one of the top market economists in the Asia Pacific region. He does not only have partnership but also runs the strategist team with one of the largest investment academy in the Asia Pacific region – FXPlus. 

Solely in Australia, there are more than 800 members who trade for profits, learn from professionals and share their experience in our Strategist Group!


Live Data & News

GCG understands how important it is for all traders to have instant access to worldwide data releases and economical statements made by global market movers. This is why GCG has dedicated large amount of time and resources to not only provide access but also package everything in a single website! 

Whenever convenient, our clients are also able to enhance their fundamental knowledge and improve on overall market awareness through our News section. In this section, GCG filters through popular journalists and economists, only publish most relevant new articles for all traders to read, analyse and utilise. 


Market Outlook

Being able to analyse ahead of other traders is a key point to succeed in trading. This is why GCG market analyst team works non-stop to provide continuous market outlook for our clients to simply use as a reference.

Moreover, in this section, our traders will also find pin-point pre- and post - announcement reports on major worldwide data releases. With over 50 years of combined experience behind all GCG traders, market will look just so much simpler.


On-going Support

GCG has never taken a break to stop thinking about ways to increase our clients’ chance of profiting in the market. Each month, GCG strives to reward existing and new traders through various promotions, such as ‘July Welcome Bonus’, ‘August ZERO commission’ and etc. In addition, our ‘Gift Program’ provided numerous number of clients with portable electronic devices to trade and relax away from their desktops. 

Let GCG be your stairway to success!


One to One customer service

Forging lasting connections is the foundation of GCG and we are passionate about ensuring that our clients feel treasured and that their opinions matter. Unlike many other brokers, GCG aims to provide true one to one customer service through:

- Dedicated business development manager that speaks your language.

- Single contact for all clients’ enquiries.

Our BDMs have years of experience in the industry to be able to accurately apprehend clients’ needs. All BDMs are professionally trained to understand how the financial markets work and the risks involved in margin trading. Hence our BDMs are no simple Sales, but all-around trustable friend that you can rely on through your journey of trading. 


Social Networking

If the new way of socialising for everyone is to stare at their phones or mobile devices and like each other’s Facebook or Instagram profiles, we would like to socialise with you too. GCG’s most sociable and market savvy members have formed a team to connect with you to provide up-to-date market news, technical and fundamental outlooks and important upcoming events via Facebook, Instagram and WeChat.


Safety of Funds

We understand that the safety of your funds is paramount. We ensure that all funds are safe and secure so our clients can focus on trading the market without any concerns of their funds. The funds that you have entrusted with us will be safely placed in a segregated account with National Australia Bank.