Trading in the forex market can seem complicated to those that are new to the market. GCG aims to equip all traders with enough knowledge to understand the market, apply fundamental and technical analysis and trade successfully.

The course will be divided into three categories:

Beginners: Will learn the basics of forex trading including using MT4 – widely used platform to trade forex

Intermediate: Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Advanced: Capital management and psychology of trading

Format of the Classes

The education material will be provided in the following ways:

Group Workshop


1 to 1 consultation

Table of Contents


  • What is forex?
  • How leveraged trading works
  • How currency pairs work and basic terminology
  • Trading Sessions
  • Using MT4 Terminal


  • Support and resistance levels
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Moving Averages
  • Other Popular Chart Indicators
  • Fundamental Analysis


  • Capital Management
  • Market Sentiment
  • Trading Divergences
  • Trading Breakouts and Fakeouts
  • Psychology of trading
Time Available
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